can exchange awards such as shampoo, towel s and drinks at

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(2) according to the characteristics that Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not resistant to heat and humidity and sensitive to ultraviolet rays, boil the tableware, towels, handkerchiefs and other items used by the patients for 10 to 15 minutes. Clothes, quilts, electronic products, books and other items that cannot be boiled can be exposed to the sun for more than 4 hours, or disinfected with ultraviolet lamps. The room where the patient lives can also be disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Boys may need a bag with unlimited capacity, clothes, towels, kettle shoes and so on when going to the gym. If they are time management master boyfriends, they may need to install a computer in addition to this.

⑥ sanitary disinfection work: towel mouth cups of young children are disinfected by care every day, and tableware is disinfected by logistics personnel every day. In addition to disinfection work, it also does a good job of disease prevention and isolation, such as timely treatment of head disease, fever, diarrhea and other old people in the hospital. Those who cannot be dealt with are sent to the hospital in time, and will also call you at the same time. (teacher is required to have the contact number of each child). Many children got sick in the small class, but in the middle class, the resistance increased with the increase of age, so there were fewer sick children in the past six months, but parents should be reminded to pay attention to influenza

“my house has long hair”: my house has long hair. Ask the barber to cut it. The fire engine washed the hair of the house, the Hercules removed it, the big truck sprayed shampoo, the elephant came to help rinse, the giant dragon brought towels to dry the hair, Fengshen came to blow-dry the hair, and the house had its hair cut and became very beautiful. The house is like a portrait, which makes it easy for children to think of themselves.

Recently, the Huangmaohai Project Department of China Railway Bridge Bureau has innovated and established a safety points assessment management system, and set up a safe unmanned points supermarket in the employee “Happiness Post Station”. Workers gain safety points by participating in special safety activities of the project department, emergency rescue drills, investigation and elimination of hidden dangers, and on-site emergency disposal. People with system points of more than 80 points can exchange awards such as shampoo, towels and drinks at the automatic shopping machine; if they are deducted to less than 60 points for personal illegal work or other violations, they need to be suspended and re-receive level 3 safety education.

can exchange awards such as shampoo, towel s and drinks at

When we wash our hair every day, our hair also has some requirements for the temperature of the water. Shampoo is best at the right temperature, and try to be only a little higher than warm water. After shampoo. Wet hair does not need to be blown directly with a hair dryer, but can be dried with a dry towel. Avoid hair damage caused by high temperature.

So I started the preparation work for my mother to wash my feet. I first boiled a pot of boiling water, took it to wash the foot basin and towels, poured the boiling water into the basin, and added some tap water. Then, I sprinkled some toilet water into the basin, and there was a faint fragrance in the steaming foot-washing water.

Strictly implement towels and other supplies and tools for one customer and one disinfection, staff must wear masks during operation to reduce unnecessary operations, avoid conversation and shorten operation time.