to bring their own toiletries. Towels, towel s, bath towels, toothbrush

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Paper towels are not only ordinary paper towels we use to wipe hands, mouths, tables, etc., many women have realized the indispensability of towels and wipes, and began to use paper towels to wipe their faces after washing their faces. There are three reasons: 1, because paper towels have strong water absorption and can quickly absorb excess moisture on the face; 2, because paper towels are cleaner and hygienic than towels and wet towels 3. Because it can be thrown away directly when it is used up, it will not lead to the breeding of bacteria or secondary pollution. It can be extracted directly next time when needed. But paper towels are easy to break when faced with water, and many girls leave a lot of confetti on their faces after wiping their faces, which makes people miserable.

3. Daily necessities: students need to bring their own toiletries. Towels, towels, bath towels, toothbrush cups, basins can be taken away. The school has prepared bedding for the students.

But she will also give the panicked Baoying a hug like her own sister, will help Miss Han Yisei pick up the hat, will give a warm baby to the passer-by girl who participates in the game, will give her towel to the Ruiyu around her, will be tired to touch her head, will wrap up the real British Ernie who is wet in the game and push the guests who do not have a lot of variety experience to the camera and give them seats in the middle. You see, she is also a gentle and kind girl.

4. Develop good hygiene habits: keep your skin clean, change your clothes frequently, and avoid direct contact with patients suffering from tinea. Do not use public slippers, bath towels, foot basins provided by hotels, hotels and other public places, and use disposable slippers, towels and other sanitary ware as much as possible.

[travel essentials]: waterproof bags, quick-drying pants, replacement of dry clothes, followers / drifting bags / lifejackets and other auxiliary swimming equipment, waterproof equipment for electronic products (such as mobile phone waterproof bags, camera waterproof bags, etc.), hard-soled sports shoes (wettable), sun and rain protection, please bring your own garbage bags (take care of the car and the natural environment Take your own garbage with you), sunglasses, outdoor hats, towels, lighting tools, etc.

1. Towels dry the lamps, chairs, tables and handrails by the pool. Use a vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the swimming pool to suck debris back and forth once a day until the whole bottom of the pool is clean.

Jiaozuo kindergarten nurse qualification training examination registration time and registration address caregiver job responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the disinfection system, seriously do a good job in disinfection of water cups, towels, bowls and chopsticks, and seriously do a good job in disinfection of water cup racks and pre-meal tables. Flush the toilet regularly every day so that there is no dirt in the toilet trough and keep the toilet clean and odorless.