lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry. It

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In addition, before resuming business, the service unit should thoroughly clean and disinfect the business premises, equipment and facilities, and tableware, clean up the food materials purchased before suspension of business, deal with expired and deteriorated food raw materials, and make good records of destruction. The procurement, raising and on-site slaughtering of live poultry and livestock shall be prohibited, the procurement of food materials of unknown sources shall be prohibited, and the operation and storage of wild animals or wildlife products shall be strictly prohibited. During the business period, eliminate virus ventilation is carried out regularly for dining places, cleaning facilities, personnel passageways, elevators, bathrooms and other facilities. The dining room of the dining room should be disinfected once a meal, and the unused private rooms should be disinfected once a day. Tableware should be stored in a closed cleaning cabinet after disinfection, which should be provided immediately during the meal. Tableware should not be placed on the table in advance. To provide consumers with hand liquid, disposable disinfection towels and other epidemic prevention materials. Employees wear masks throughout their work. Put the waste mask into the special trash can, disinfect the trash can every day, and use the trash can with lid.

On June 14, a reporter from the New Express saw in the famous premium product store that the makeup counter was dominated by eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer and other products, while only two skin care products were found. they are priced nicotinamide soft and bright multi-effect face cream and nicotinamide Huanliang moisturizing toner, which are manufactured by Zhongshan Zhongyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. In its Tmall flagship store, there is no classification of skin care products, and the contract factory that sells the top Roman foundation with a price of 29.9 yuan is Guangzhou Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd., the soft light 1x 1 isolation milk generation factory priced at 15 yuan is Guangdong Esheng Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. A consumer who is shopping has bought towels, stationery and other products. When asked if she has ever bought skin care products with famous and innovative products, the consumer said that she had never bought them. She said that skin care products still tended to choose professional brands.

For example, diiib white this aluminum alloy towel rack, can achieve a large capacity of these items storage, when not needed, the upper part can be 90 ┬░folding, for the toilet, the seemingly simple rack is very useful.

If the space on your wall is still empty, you can use it reasonably and install an intelligent towel rack here, which can effectively improve happiness, and you can put the towels directly on it for drying every time you run out of towels.

lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry. It

To clean your brushes effectively using a makeup brush cleaner soap, follow these simple steps. Begin by wetting the bristles with warm water, being cautious not to soak the entire brush, as this can damage the handle. Next, apply a small amount of the cleaner soap onto the bristles and gently swirl them on your palm or a brush cleaning pad. This will create a lather that helps dislodge makeup buildup. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under warm water until the water runs clear, ensuring all traces of soap and residue are gone. Lastly, reshape the bristles and lay the brushes flat on a towel to dry. It is crucial to allow the brushes to dry completely before using them again, as damp brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria.