compress, you can often use hot towel s on the parts

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Let the child remember that when there is an adult nearby when there is a fire, notify the adult or call 119. If the fire is already serious, you should cover your nose with wet towels or clothes as soon as possible and escape through the passageway with less fire.

When the temperature is low in autumn and winter, patients with psoriasis must blow dry in time after absorbing surface moisture with dry towels. When using a hair dryer, the temperature should not be too high and not too close to the hair. The root of the hair can be dried first, and then the tip of the hair, or let the tip of the hair dry naturally.

In addition, maintaining good personal hygiene is an important means to prevent respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza, including washing hands frequently; avoiding crowd gathering places as far as possible during the influenza epidemic season; and after the emergence of influenza symptoms, cough and sneeze cover nose and mouth with paper towels and then wash hands and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth as far as possible. When family members have influenza patients, they should try their best to avoid contact with each other, especially if there are elderly people and people with chronic diseases at home. When parents with influenza symptoms go to the hospital, they should protect the children and themselves (such as wearing masks) to avoid cross-infection.

2. Ice compress is the way to relieve the pain of scapulohumeral periarthritis. You can use the ice pack or plastic ice pack on the market, ice cubes and the right amount of salt water on the same day, or you can use the ice cubes in the refrigerator to put them in the area suffering from scapulohumeral periarthritis for about 10 minutes, which can significantly relieve the pain. You can also soak and wring the towel with hot water, and then put it on the painful part of scapulohumeral periarthritis. The time of hot compress should be about 10 minutes. This repeated hot compress several times, can play the effect of pain relief, so this method has been used by patients.

First of all, to correct the bad habit of bowing your head for a long time, straighten your neck and treat it with local hot compress, you can often use hot towels on the parts where rich bags appear, speed up the blood circulation in the neck, improve local metabolism, and use blood flow to eliminate rich bags. The effect of this method is relatively slow and requires long-term persistence in order to have an effect.

(1) wash: instruct the patient to sit half on the bed, put the washbasin on the bed between the legs, wash your face, wash your hands and brush your teeth with healthy hands. When twisting the towel, wrap the towel around the diseased forearm and gradually wring it dry with healthy hands.

During the period of clinical nursing in the gastroenterology department, a 62-year-old emergency female patient with upper gastrointestinal bleeding and septic shock was treated in the department. After notifying the family, the family could not be present for more than a month due to personal reasons, and as the responsible group leader, she took the initiative to lead the young nurses in the department to undertake all the nursing work of the patient. While doing a good job in specialist nursing, we should patiently and meticulously do a good job in basic care, such as washing hair, washing face, combing hair, cleaning mouth, scrubbing body, urethral orifice care, cutting finger (toe) nail, etc., and buy towels, shampoo, toilet paper and other daily necessities for patients. Through meticulous care, the patient is now conscious and stable and has been taken care of at home by his family. Because she did more than she said, she won the praise of the patients and their families, and was fully affirmed by her colleagues and leaders of the department.

Tactile training equipment are: blind walkways in hospitals or communities, small stone roads, family hair combs, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, dry towels, paper towels and so on.

Things are very simple, a few bars of soap, a few knives of papyrus, two toothbrushes, two towels, and a washbasin are all cheap treats. There were also a few balls of thread, a pile of rags (which fully showed that the deliverer was very familiar with the needs of the inmates), two pairs of underwear, two pieces of underwear, and two very old but thick cotton-padded jackets.

During the exercise, with the sound of the fire alarm, the whole park entered a state of emergency and began to enter the emergency command procedure. Teachers in each class organized children to cover their mouths and noses with towels in an orderly manner, bending over and evacuating to safe areas. The emergency teams of security, communication, evacuation guidance and medical first aid entered the combat posts and began their emergency work. After the children are evacuated to a safe place, the teacher quickly checks the number of children and reports the evacuation situation of the class.

Finally, a relatively simple method, if the baby has a stuffy nose or has a strong nasal sound, we can choose to use a hot towel hot compress, which will stimulate the nasal mucosa to contract, so as to keep the nasal cavity unobstructed. You can also clean your nose. Have you learned these methods? Return to Sohu to see more