disinfected and ventilated, and common slippers, towel s, swimming rings and

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When the baby is 2-3 months old, it is easy to have inverted eyelashes, that is, the eyelashes grow inward, which will also cause irritation to the eyeball, resulting in excessive secretion of eye shit, parents do not have to worry too much, use warm towels to help the little guy clean up every morning!

Not only that, carry, carry, oblique shoulder you can choose, the bag design is very good to see black, white, red and yellow four-color design, World Cup style, as well as the same style towels and water cups, a combination must be the first choice of sports talent, there are multiple zones inside the bag, can meet the needs of different scenes, large and small things can find the corresponding location, it is a wonderful thing, I like to carry it on the subway, too fashionable The necessary things for travel.

disinfected and ventilated, and common slippers, towel s, swimming rings and

On January 29, the Wuhan urban management department in the west courtyard of Wuhan Union Hospital sent daily necessities such as underwear, towels and washbasins to the sanitation workers who supported the cleaning of the isolation wards of the hospital. (Hubei Daily full-media reporter? Wei rhenium? Photo)

Through the education and help of this semester, children can basically live and study independently in kindergarten. With the help and encouragement of their teachers, they are also willing to learn and try to do things on their own. By the end of the semester, this group of children have made great progress in living ability, living habits and hygiene habits: they have been able to use their own small towels and cups correctly, and they can eat on their own. During the meal, you can also achieve the bad habit of not talking and being picky and wasteful.

It is not easy to achieve simplicity to the extreme, and it is not easy to do it. Towels are the products we use when we wash our faces every day. For the sake of the skin health of you and your family, it is recommended to get three towels without softener.

When we travel outside, we spend most of our time outside, climbing a mountain and playing in the water. In this way, we will sweat a lot in the face of the sun all the time. Many people like to take a towel that is specially used to wipe sweat, but after a few wipes, we find that the towel has a smell. In fact, we can choose this kind of folding towel when we travel outdoors, it also has its own cold feeling. When we wipe our face with a towel in hot weather, we can immediately have a cooling effect to avoid heatstroke when we play. It is very convenient to hang it on the bag when you are not in use, without holding it by hand.

disinfected and ventilated, and common slippers, towel s, swimming rings and

3. Changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas should be regularly disinfected and ventilated, and common slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items should not be used to avoid cross-infection. Fourth, all kinds of swimming venues should earnestly assume the main responsibility for implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures, and strengthen the responsibility system and management system for epidemic prevention and control work. If the operator of the operating swimming venue fails to put on record in accordance with the regulations, or fails to implement the promise to return to work, or fails to prevent and control the epidemic situation, he shall bear the relevant legal liability.

⑥ sanitary disinfection work: towel cups and tableware of young children are disinfected by caregivers every day, and disease prevention and isolation are done at the same time, such as headache, fever, diarrhea and other conditions in the garden, health care teachers give timely treatment, and call parents at the same time. Every parent of a child is required to change his phone number in a timely manner.

Family spa Spa gives girls a wonderful night in order to make your face at home as indulgent and fun as possible to ensure that all the supplies you need are within range of weapons. For your face, you need: make-up exfoliating; facial Cleanser; facial exfoliating; facial mask (you can have one or two); facial oil or cream to massage your face and use at the end of your face; towels-preferably moist and warm. (you can do this in the microwave); eye cream (optional); neck warmth-you can keep yourself if you want. This is also optional, but it is very soothing and warming, while you use a mask to relax.